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Web Virtuoso

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Web Virtuoso

Web Virtuoso (WV) is the flagship entity of The Virtuoso Group.

Starting out as a Web Solutions & Services entity in 2005, WV has a built an impressive track record over the last 17+ years, by serving a wide spectrum of customer verticals & domains. With demonstrated capabilities of intelligent web solutions & brand services, WV is now driving an ambitious but realistic consolidation plan to offer a wider spectrum of branding services. Building skills and nurturing requisite talent in-house, WV has also entered into smart partnerships to widen its scope of offerings.

Today, WV is all about Brand Expressions! To have clients & customers extract the real potential of their brands or create new ones, WV believes in evolving by freely breaking barriers while conforming to standards & technology. WV, therefore, is driven by the state-of-the-art. While working at the speed of tech, WV’s high designing & development standards are upheld by spirited, rightly fueled and intensely creative efforts. These are religiously & comprehensively nurtured to commit and deliver a high quality across services – whilst keeping the fun & creativity going!


Movers & Shakers

Team WV

WV is a team that is a potpourri of “equally opportuned” talents!

An eclectic mix of seniors, juniors, mid-level guys n gals, Team WV is everything but conservative in thinking & approach to work & life!

While accepting the business reality of having to take the oft beaten tracks, mainly due to client diktats, Team WV in its mindset, refuses to accept the normal or the mundane. An ever-evolving, dynamic and out-of-the-box thread runs through this Team.

Chandrashekhar and Manjusha, the senior pair, have seen tech take birth in some ways. Fusing creativity with this tech that perhaps is evolving at an unmatched speed, these guys have created an advantage and deployed their positivity into all the visions, missions and project executions at WV. This, perhaps, is the key driving force behind the out-of-the-box, innovative and uniformly creative mindsets that get fueled at WV. Insofar as professional wit is concerned, Chandrashekhar and Manjusha are both more than capable decision makers, managers and mentors to hold the team solidly together.


Founder. CEO.

Chandrashekhar is a personality that exudes fun & wit. He also has this unique ability to mean business while being ...


Co-founder. CTO.

Manjusha is an artist by temperament! And of course, by virtue of a personal pursuit too! She is always creating things,...



Karan is the young go-getter of the WV Team. Armed with a Master’s Degree in Computer Science, he brings fresh ideas, ...

Bonhomie, fun, creativity, intensity, focus, skill upgradation, business sense and more importantly a fair & equal relationship among all, are the core values purposefully nurtured & propagated in Team WV. Team WV also is steadfast in its endeavor to establish new paradigms, to get rid of old clichés and to create a fair & equal relationship with its clients.

And last but not least, Team WV is ably aided and supported by its strong network of Associates, Partners and Consultants et al.

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