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// Chandrashekhar
Founder. CEO.


Chandrashekhar is a personality that exudes fun & wit. He also has this unique ability to mean business while being witty. Endowed with an extremely sharp sense of observation, a super-fast analytical mind, a vastly creative imagination and a very clear visualization, he is an astute Brand Creator. Full of ideas and seeing things which normally are not visible to common people, he is a master at creating branding scenarios and strategies.

Having gone through the roughs & the smooths of an employee life from a very early age and having garnered work experiences in different domains, Chandrashekhar was thrown into the entrepreneurial arena not by choice. However, once there, he has given and is still giving it his all. Life experiences and work experiences as a part of these have today made him the dynamic, versatile, mature, free-thinking and experienced professional with a prominent & proven entrepreneurial bend.

A CEO with a penchant for utter professionalism & creative excellence, he is an innovative thinker and a solution oriented leader. While being a team leader, motivator and manager with high integrity, he has an ability to grasp complex scenarios and convert these into successful outcomes. He also has a great connect with people and has mentored many young minds.

Chandrashekhar is an avid reader, traveler (a road trips’ enthusiast), a sports person, a speaker par-excellence, a creative writer, a media host, a self-made (decent!) karaoke singer and an experimental chef! Carrying with him all those quirks of a restless, inquisitive mind and those of a creative person, he possesses a very high Emotional Quotient and an equally high Social Quotient. He is a care-giver, a quintessential friends-&-family man (ask his canine friend!).

Refusing to be satisfied with what is, Chandrashekhar is always in a self-declared “discovering life” mode and that perhaps is his ever-so-dynamic thread!

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