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Brand Creation & Strategy Consulting

Consulting on conceptualization of the business brand philosophy, WV starts at the beginning to create a brand roadmap in consultation with the client. Client Business Vision, Product / Service / Domain / Market understanding are the important parameters that WV gets involved in to render this service.


Brand Ethos & Orientation Consulting

WV advises the clients on creating the best-fit brand ethos, both internally as well as externally. Based on this, the brand orientation, placement strategies are devised to target the best suitable forms of brand expressions.


Brand Creation & Strategy Execution

WV creates identities (logos), taglines, slogans. All brand forms & expressions are based on the brand philosophy and ethos strategized and put in place.



An almost indispensable part of any brand strategy, the brand e-xpressions come in the form of Websites, E-commerce portals, Web Applications, Mobile Applications, Presentations, Profiles and E-brochures. WV has mastered the art of using technology for these creatives.


Digital Marketing

Integral to the e-xpressions are the Digital Marketing functions. WV has capable teams to execute Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) projects.


Print & Marketing Collateral

These are almost the default forms and media of brand expression, part of any business brand strategy. WV creates business stationery, brochures and all print designs to propagate the client brand.


AV Media

WV also executes brand expressions projects through Corporate Films, Product Videos (2D / 3D Animated, Non-animated), Adverts. For clients who understand the impact of the AV media and have generous budgets to spend on these forms of brand expressions to market their products / services, WV has the wherewithal.


Web Services Consulting

WV advises clients on the best-fit web services & service providers for creating an internet presence of their brands.


Web Services

WV itself has reseller arrangements with reputed & solid service providers who can provide extremely reliable and quick web services in the form of Domains, Web hosting, Database hosting, Email solutions, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Products etc. WV also undertakes Website Maintenance for third party vendor developed websites & portals.



A core strength of WV, penmanship is provided in the form of Writing Services, mainly for web & print media content. Other forms of writing services like Resumes, SOPs, Profiles etc are client specific services undertaken by WV.

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