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Antara Nritya Niketan

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//Antara Nritya Niketan

The Client

Antara Nritya Niketan (Antara) is a premiere learning & performing center for Bharatanatyam Dance, one of the oldest dance forms in India. Antara has a history of more than 30 years and has very many dance recitals, programs and students under its aegis. Antara is also associated with many cultural & educational institutions in India.

Antara Nritya Niketan

The Project

Being in a creative field and that too which catered to performing arts, the Antara brand needed to be aesthetically created and expressed. WV has been an integral part of Antara’s brand creation & projection journey for more than 14 years now. Identity befitting a dance institution, the website giving a feel of a performance and all its study material, certificates, program invites etc were together planned as a cohesive branding strategy and so created & expressed.

  • WV Engagement : Complete Brand strategy, full branding project execution
  • Tech : WordPress, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
  • Domain : Arts, Culture & Education


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