1Web creations are WV’s forte. An involved posture, design styles that have always evolved by freely breaking barriers while conforming to standards and technology, an approach that exudes perfect understanding of client needs and a high quality, time honored, professional delivery – are all cornerstones of WV’s web creativity. WV creates a pleasing & usable mix of aesthetics and development technology. WV’s wide client spectrum is a witness to its growing reach across diverse verticals as also to its long term professional associations with clients.

2Identity creation is an area of special fondness for WV. Whilst it is an immensely challenging pursuit, it is also what gives a creative high! WV’s identity creations are simple, bold at times and easily adaptable on all media. By creating contemporary and visually appealing identities, WV tries to give a long term recall value for business entities, especially for start-ups and evolving businesses. Identities created by WV have been adapted by clients, either as corporate brands or product / service brands.

3Print media designs are a natural extension of WV’s core strength of design creatives and it has mastered the nuances of this fine art. WV provides modern, meaningful & attractive print designs, backed up by equally meaningful content, to take care of either single or multiple requirements of clients. WV’s print design services can also be bundled with its identity creation service.

4WV’s GUI designing skills have found appreciation with clients such as TCS, among others. Pleasing interfaces designed by WV are certainly off-beat in their color themes and layout spreads, whilst adhering to usability and scalability. Logical & well-organized layouts, usage of meaningful graphics and user-friendly placement of navigation tools – all have been a ‘value added given’ in the user interfaces created by WV.

5As its own unique creative, WV creates Web-Based Presentations! These have proved to be very useful in today’s connected environments where a wider reach is achieved through simplicity of operations. Presentations created by WV are elegant, clutter-free and very pertinent to the context. WV also specialises in building PowerPoint Presentations, E-brochures, Newsletters etc.

6WV has a strong command over content development across all its creative endeavors. Contemporary (if required, zany too!), meaningful (in proper English!) and pertinent (right to the context!) use and placement of content adds a dimension to WV’s service packages. Based on technical inputs by the clients, WV conceptualizes the content development as a flow or theme for websites, e-brochures, newsletters, print brochures etc.

7WV also extends its content creativity in the areas of product naming, taglines and slogans. Giving birth to unique product names to initiate branding is WV’s much vaunted skill. Coming up with catchy, meaningful, witty and contemporary slogans and taglines is something that WV enjoys doing all the time – goes to the thread of our being!

8With the idea to help students, job seekers, business aspirants and other professionals create a better impact, WV ventured into Personal Statements, Resume and Profile building services recently. Encouraged by the response, WV has now made these services fully operational as mainstream services.


1Applications & Solutions are WV’s areas of strength. It is an added advantage that WV also creates interfaces to make these applications more user-friendly.

2WV specialises in fully customised Content Management Systems (CMS) to facilitate website management at the client end.

3WV designs & develops web-based applications / small local systems using technologies like PHP, ASP .Net etc. with database support to facilitate effort optimisation at & value addition to the client business.

4In the ‘Open Source’ space WV develops customised applications using WordPress, Moodle (a Learning Management System), Joomla etc. For websites with extensive content and features, these systems provide the flexibility of a CMS as well as the coverage desired by the client. Supported by database management, these platforms are an exciting option for clients’ dynamic requirements.

Internet Services

1WV offers Domain registration, Web Hosting, Email Hosting and related services to give an online presence to clients through their websites & web applications.

2Indeed WV delivers more than value for money! 24×7 attention, insignificant down time, immediate response & turnaround on client issues and a committed participation, are all the realities that add value to WV’s internet services.

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  • Charitable Organizations
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  • Education
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  • Electrical Services
  • Food & Fruits
  • Healthcare
  • IT & IT Services
  • Kitchen Systems
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